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Medical Professional ServicesWhile running any business is a complex effort, there are a number of specific challenges and benefits that come with operating a medical practice. The Le Roy Financial Group’s Medical Professional services team is able to assist physicians and other medical professionals in the complete management of their finances, including tax preparation, insurance solutions and professional incorporation when appropriate. Our team of wealth advisors is prepared to work around your schedule and provide guidance tailored to your personal and professional goals, allowing you to focus your attention on patient care instead of paperwork.

Let our experienced, dedicated team make your financial health a priority. Our advisors are skilled in creating comprehensive financial plans that take both your personal and professional finance into account – maximizing your earnings potential through strategic wealth management.

Our services for medical professionals include the following:

Financial Planning

More than simply “saving”, a successful financial plan involves strategic planning that considers both key goals and potential obstacles. It is something that evolves over time to adapt to one’s personal and professional life changes, and should be a collaborative effort between client and wealth advisor. Physicians in particular can benefit from the guidance of an experienced advisor who has their best interests in mind. Let us advocate for your financial future while allowing you to focus on your practice.

Investment Advice

A Le Roy Financial Group wealth advisor can assist you in making investment decisions that manage risk and maximize return, working with a long-term view of your finances. Our advisors take a disciplined approach to investing that is focused on optimal asset allocation; diversification and careful investment selection with an emphasis on maintaining low and transparent fees. Our clients receive a clear, documented investment policy statement that reflects their unique needs and goals. Let us monitor your portfolio and make careful recommendations designed specifically for you.


Insurance is one of the pillars of financial security, protecting you from unpredictable life events such as serious or long-term illness, disability, and death. To mitigate these risks, it’s critically important to cover yourself and your business – particularly for medical professionals, who require specially-tailored insurance that protects their financial security and the life of their business.

Some of the insurance options offered by Le Roy Financial Group are:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Corporate Insurance
  • Benefit and Insurance Plans for Employees

Additionally, insurance is a great way to make the most of a professional corporation, allowing for additional tax deductions and other financial advantages. For more information, please contact us to arrange a consultation for your business.

Tax Efficient Investments within a Medical Corporation

Investment income within a professional corporation is taxed at different rates depending on whether it is passive or active income, and how it is structured within the business. Our wealth advisors can assist you in managing your investment income within the corporation in order to maximize tax efficiency and ultimately, lower your tax bill. Using strategic planning methods and taking advantage of corporate structured investment pools we can help control how your investment income is structured insuring that you get the highest possible after tax return for your investments.


There can be significant financial benefits to creating a medical professional corporation (MPC), including income splitting, capital gains exemptions, tax deferrals and lesser taxation based on a lower corporate rate. A Le Roy Financial Group advisor can look at your business and help decide if incorporation is right for you, and if so, guide you through the process.

Private Banking

The Le Roy Financial Group offers private banking services to assist clients with all of their personal and business needs. With private banking, clients are assigned a dedicated account manager who will oversee their complete financial picture, resulting in highly personalized, thorough and convenient wealth management.

Some elements of our private banking service include:

  • Access to all banking services, including working with credit specialists, from one online account
  • A private banking overdraft account
  • Borrowing needs such as mortgages and lines of credit, plus VISA cards
  • Innovative lending plans for investment purposes
  • Time saving personal concierge service – ask us for details!

IPP/Retirement Planning

As physicians do not have a sponsored pension plan, most rely on their own savings and investments to fund retirement. However, there is also the option of an Individual Pension Plan (IPP) for business owners and incorporated professionals who are aged 40 or older. This type of plan allows greater tax deferrals than an RRSP, as well as other long-term financial benefits. Other advantages include larger annual contribution amounts when compared to RRSP’S, potential for additional contributions for early retirement benefits, the possibility of retroactive contributions dating back to 1991, tax deductions and various exemptions, and creditor-protected benefits allowable under pension legislation. For more information on IPPs and other retirement saving options, please contact us today.

Business Succession

Your business is a reflection of your hard work and dedication over a number of years, or even decades – a personal and professional achievement that deserves to be protected. Our wealth advisors are able to help you design a legacy plan that ensures your business is covered, from investment advice and income protection to estate and trust services.

To arrange a private consultation or to learn more about how The Le Roy Financial Group’s Medical Professional services team can assist you, please contact us – we look forward to speaking with you.


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