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Comprehensive Wealth Planning

We work with you to develop a comprehensive wealth plan designed to preserve and enhance wealth through effective tax, estate and financial strategies.

  • Goal Setting
  • Data Gathering
  • Wealth Planning Report
  • Recommendations
  • Monitoring Results and Adjusting to Changing Needs

The Investment Counseling Process

We work to develop a personal investment strategy based on your needs and goals. We examine your current and long-term goals, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, lifestyle needs and take into account economic variables such as inflation and market volatility.

Our process can be broken down into the following steps:

  • Setting objectives
  • Designing your Investment Policy Statement
  • Determining your Asset Mix
  • Implementation of Investment Strategy
  • Reviewing Results
  • Monitoring Progress

Risk Management and Insurance


  • Providing for accident, illness & disability
  • Protecting your current income
  • Protecting your mortgage
  • Planning for Charitable giving
  • Sheltering your investments
  • Supplementing your pension
  • Protecting your Estate
  • Protecting your business against the loss of key personnel
  • Planning your business succession
  • Providing your employees with group insurance and retirement plans

Tax Planning

We are adept at working with tax professionals and keeping more of your money in your pocket. There are tax implications to each and every element of your integrated wealth plan. We can deploy an arsenal of tactics to minimize your tax burden.

  • Tax sheltering
  • Optimizing tax-preferred income and use of capital losses in non-registered plans
  • Establishing trusts and endowments
  • Choosing tax deferred and tax exempt options
  • Splitting income among family members

Estate Preparation

Estate planning helps you ensure that you will pass along more to your family and loved ones. It also lays out a smooth and stress free transition of your assets to the next generation or intended beneficiaries. A well-structured and effective estate plan is the best legacy of all.

  • Minimizing capital gains taxes and probate fees
  • Maximizing tax–exempt legacy opportunities
  • Utilizing sheltered donations and endowments
  • Taking advantage of estate freezes

*Services provided by partners within Scotiabank. For details please see disclaimer.


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